Because Elevation Basketball pursues excellence through the total human performance Basketball experience, we have partnered with one of the most dynamic and progressive mental enhancement organizations in the nation: DK2 Motivation & Performance. Located here in Denver and headed by Dr. Rick Perea, Ph.D., DK2 deploys some of the latest cutting-edge practices and protocols regarding mental enhancement and sport psychology.  Dr. Perea, himself a former college (All-American football player) and pro athlete and actor, works with athletes and teams at three levels in all sports: High School/Club; College; and Professional. In addition, DK2 has a strong competency and acumen in basketball because both Dr. P and his wife and business partner in DK2, played Basketball at a competitive level. Melanie M. Perea, M.A., was also a former outside hitter at the University of Alabama and National Champion Professional NVA indoor player, brings her wealth of knowledge and skills. She also played professional volleyball internationally and was versatile enough to be a track & field state champion as a sprinter and hurdler. Further, Melanie possesses a Master’s degree in school counseling and has advised literally thousands of student/ athletes and is available to counsel athletes and their families when making decisions on the college & career selection process.   Dr. Perea and Melanie also have extensive experience as coaches at the high school and club levels in their respective sports. They have worked extensively with Basketball players at all levels and had great success in helping all athletes reach their psychological (emotion & cognitive regulation) potential through Psychological Skills Training (PSTs).  

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I welcome your family to our services at DK2. Our primary objective and mission at DK2, and therefore partnering with Elevation Basketball, is to help athletes deploy their true physiological potential thorough enhancing their mental ability to regulate and optimize arousal (physical) and anxiety (worry).  Many athletes have the physical talent and skills to perform at peak levels yet lack the mental training to regulate their emotions thus handicapping their overall levels of motivation and performance.  At DK2, our primary objective is to enable your athlete to enhance their mental preparation and practice of regulating their emotions so they work in concert with their highly trained physical competency and abilities.  We do this in the following ways:

Presentations/Workshops that educate athletes, parents and coaches about how mental enhancement provides an advantage for elite athletes that not only enhance athletic performance but operational motivation and performance in the classroom as well.

Counseling of athletes and their families regarding the career and college selection process.

Individual intervention for athletes that have specific mental block(s) or concern(s) impeding peak or optimum motivation and performance.  

Administer and interpret Psychological Personality Assessments. Dr. Perea is a Level C Qualified Psychological Assessment Interpreter (the highest level) determined by the American Psychological Association. Athletes and Coaches can better understand their strengths and areas of need and their role from a research based assessment that is administered and interpreted by Dr. Perea.

Finally, we deploy a fun and enthusiastic approach to mental enhancement and look forward to meeting you soon.

We are available at any time through our website: or 303.946.1520; or, email at or We also have business and cue cards at the Elevation Gym. 

Thank You! Dr. Rick Perea, Ph.D., DK2 Motivation & Performance

Note to all athletes, parents and coaches from dr. Perea

Elevation Basketball/DK2 Motivation & Performance

Winter Flyers tryouts:

Thank you to all who attended tryouts!

Looking forward to a great Winter season!