Elevation Flyers Recruiting Approach

Players are our priority. Period. We want to get them to the next level and we will do everything we can to support it. We have a database with all NCAA coaches, allowing unprecedented access to coaches and scouts at the highest levels. Our program has helped players get scholarships from local and nationwide colleges, and we can place you next.

In order to get you recruited, we take a multi-pronged approach.

Movie Quality Highlights

For 2022 we will be partnering with videographers that will provide the highest quality highlight video from practice and tournaments. These reels are shared with colleges to increase exposure and provide updates. These are then also available to share via social media.

High Visibility Tournaments

Each of our teams travel to out of state tournaments during the college live period. This is when college coaches and scouts are allowed to be on the road scouting high school players. Our 16u and 17u teams, will attend 3 live tournaments in Kansas City, LA and Vegas strategically choosing tournaments in each of the major recruiting regions for Colorado prospects.

College Coach Access

We have built an extensive contact list of every single college in the country, from Junior College to the top tier D1 schools - that's over 6,500+ coaches in America. This access allows us to pinpoint the coaches in the exact level, region and with the desired major specifically tailored to our players. It isn't good enough to 'spray and pray' with recruiting emails, we ensure that we have a tailored plan for each of our players.

Constant Communication

For each of our levels we create a recruiting packet with player profiles to send out at the beginning of the season. Before each out of state tournaments we send these profiles to college coaches in the region complete with tournament schedules. Once we have established contact, college coaches are given consistent updates and our players and parents are kept in the loop and informed with next steps.

Skill Development

 At the root of being a college athlete are the skills necessary to advance to higher levels. We show players how to increase their offensive arsenal and leverage high level decision making in real time. We train players to be athletes and fit in the position-less model allowing for unlimited opportunities. The players who truly want greatness will thrive in this system.

We will get you the looks..the question is: how will you perform when the lights are on?