Matt Barnett

Founder/Instructor at Elevation Basketball

Experience Includes:

15 Years of Player Development (NBA, WNBA, Overseas, NCAA)

Pro New Zealand Basketball League

4 Year Starter at NCAA Div I Colorado State University

Douglas County High School

  • High Intensity Workouts at High Altitude
  • Each workout will challenge players mentally and physically
  • Each individual plan is tailored with the emphasis of building the complete player
  • Each session varies to challenge the player to adapt to different on-court situations
  • Elevation concentrates on developing each players weaknesses into strengths while maintaining and improving on the players current strengths

Program Details

Elevation and SportXcel offer their services for those players looking for pre-draft preparation, off-season workouts, pre-training camp workouts and injury rehab.

What our clients are saying...
"Working with both SportXcel and Elevation Basketball help take my game to another level. The workouts offered on the court and off are very highly intense and definitely prepare me for the season."

-Jason Richardson, Michigan State University, Philadelphia 76ers

"Matt Barnett and Elevation Basketball do a great job keeping my skills at the highest level. I have also learned many new things to help me competing for years to come. Their teaching style is second to none!"

-Bryan Green, Colorado State University, 10 yr Overseas Veteran

"SportXcel and Elevation Basketball together provide the professional on and off the court training I need to continue playing at a high level." 

-Kelenna Azubuike, University if Kentucky, 6-yr NBA Veteran

Elevation in the Media
Fesenko works on return to NBA

Elevation Training System

high intensity training at 5,280 ft!

Welcome to an all-inclusive basketball training system offered in the altitude of Denver, Colorado! Elevation Basketball and Erik Phillips' SportXcel have teamed up to offer a basketball program that includes Strength and Conditioning, SAQ, Injury Preventation, Physical Therapy, and Basketball Skill-Training for aspiring and current professional basketball players. Our coaching staff has years of experience working with NBA, WNBA, NCAA and overseas players.

​​​​Upcoming Events:​​

Spring/Summer Flyers Tryouts!

3rd(9U)-7th(13U) Grade - March 10-11

8th(14U)-11th(17U) Grade - March 13-14

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Erik phillips

Founder/General Manager at SportXcel

Experience includes:

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Phoenix Suns

Assistant Athletic Trainer at Phoenix Suns

Assistant Athletic Trainer at Denver Nuggets