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By holding tryouts in March, this allow us the ability to put together teams that can be competitive by the month of July when the majority of the NCAA Certified events take place.  By going through October, it allows us to maximize the development we can achieve with players outside the high school season.

Why Elevation Basketball? 
What type of time commitment can I be expected to make?  
What is a process oriented instruction and why do you use it? 
What plays/offense do you run? 
What type of defense do you run? 
What is the Flyer Drill and why do you teach it? 
How do you determine which team my son should be on? 
Why do you travel to tournaments outside of the state? 
Why do some teams play in league play and other primarily  play tournaments? 
Why do tryouts take place in March and October? 

What should my player expect in the transition from U13 to U14 year? 
Why are high school students offered a different set of skill options in the fall?