Winter Flyers tryouts:

Thank you to all who attended tryouts!

Looking forward to a great Winter season!

Elevation FAQ's


Why Elevation Basketball?

There are numerous types of basketball programs to choose from in the state.  Some clubs specialize in player development, others on player exposure, and some provide quality game opportunities with minimal commitment.  We pride ourselves on being a player development club.  We offer a player-centric, skill development, high intensity practice schedule with an expected commitment of approximately  3-5 hours per week, plus games. This is an expectation for all players on our teams. 

What type of time commitment can I be expected to make? 

All of our team practice 3 hours per week.  In addition, we regularly offer skill training classes that are included in your fees. The skills sessions are optional, but highly encouraged. Our players are expected to work individually  on their games outside of practice at least 2 additional hours per week.  We recommend the following: pick up games, playing at recess, open gyms,  ball handling drills, and getting up an average of 50 shots per day.  In addition our players will either play in a league or in tournaments most weeks.  The goal, however, is to have two hours of practice for every one hour of game time.  

What is a process oriented instruction and why do you use it?

Process oriented instruction focuses on the various steps a player needs to take to achieve a specific outcome.  We teach the process, not the outcome.  For example, when we teach shooting, we do not focus on the ball going through the basket, we focus on the proper process that need to take place in order to get the shot off in the first place.  This would include, but is not limited to, footwork, ball handling, posture, and shooting technique.

What plays/offense do you run?

Very few! We believe in rewarding good decisions, both on and off the court.  We believe in creating a good work ethic. This can only come with rewarding players who are working together as a team for a common goal.  Our teams use all players to run a motion offense with minimal focus on set plays.  We believe if you teach a child the entire game, and not just one play or one position, they can then transition to any game situation and find success. The purpose of a motion offense is to develop decision-making skills for players of all ages and in any position on the court. This gives the player control and provides them the ability to act and react quicker in a variety of basketball situations.  

What type of defense do you run?

We primarily teach, and play, a man to man defense.  We do this because it is important that all players understand how to control ball movement on the defensive end and to develop players that can keep from being beat of the dribble.  We do teach defensive help side and deny defense so that our players understand that defense is as much of a team commitment as offense.  

What is the Flyer Drill and why do you teach it?

The Flyer Drill is a specific set of individual skills we expect our players to know.  It takes place the first 25 minutes of practice and is used as both an individual skill development session and a conditioning session.  

How do you determine which team my son should be on?

This varies by age, but it is safe to say we are always looking at desire, work ethic, competitiveness, ball control (handling), understanding of the game, and coach ability.

Why do you travel to tournaments outside of the state?

U14-This is usually the first year we travel outside of the state to play.  We do this because we want to provide players with the opportunity to learn what it is like to travel without parents and still be responsible for their actions to their team.  By traveling at this age, players can learn from any mistakes they make, and it will not take place at time when it could impact their recruitment for college.

U15/U16/U17- We travel these teams only on NCAA Certified weekends in order to maximize their exposure to college coaches.  We encourage you and your player to communicate with coaches prior to attending these events and provide them with notice of the certified events you are attending.

Why do some teams play in league play and other primarily  play tournaments?

Many of our younger teams primarily play in leagues so that we can maximize practice instruction time and still allow for them to participate in other activities.

Why do tryouts take place in March and October?

By holding tryouts in March, this allow us the ability to put together teams that can be competitive by the month of July when the majority of the NCAA Certified events take place.  By going through October, it allows us to maximize the development we can achieve with players outside the high school season.

What should my player expect in the transition from U13 to U14 year?

The U14 year is full of many changes in our program.  We feel it is our priority to ensure every U14 player we have is prepared to play high school basketball.  Our practices will be more intense!! The expectation at this age is that they are prepared for a high school season that begins in June after their 8th grade year.  They understand what will be expected from a six day a week high school program. To date we have never had a single U14 player not make a high school team their freshman year.

Why are high school students offered a different set of skill options in the fall?

Many of our high school players often play different positions in high school than they do with club teams.  Our fall high school skill offerings are there to support those players in gaining skill in positions they otherwise would not experience, or to improve their skill in specific subject areas they are interested in.  Elevation Basketball makes player recommendations, but we allow players to attend classes as they see fit.